Thursday, 11 February 2010

I pledge to read the printed word

I've finally got round to adding my pledge to read button.

I've struggled with adding it and have been privately sitting on the fence.

I love reading and read as much as possible. I get most of my books from the library except those I'm too impatient to wait for. I believe that we should all read more - quite a strange campaign for a community of people who write online but I suppose it does make sense that people who love to read also love to write.

But I don't really agree with the dislike of Kindle and other e-readers, they make a lot of sense for me. For someone who usually takes at least 15 books on holiday that is a lot of luggage weight so the idea of an electronic device which can store loads of books in one place is very exciting. No I still haven't got my head round reading by the pool or in the bath. And the number of times I leave my paperback on the sun lounger when I take a dip in the pool or go for a drink would be seriously reduced if it cost £300+.

At work it would also come in handy, I blame the appalling condition of my eye sight on the amount of time I spend in front of a computer screen. My job involves reading a lot of lengthy documents, I tend to print them so I can read on paper. However the eco-warriors are asking us to print less and less. An e-reader screen flickers less than that of a computer so it would be better for saving my eye sight - or so I tell myself.

Hmm through writing these spare thoughts it would appear that I'm not sitting on the fence about reading the printed word but e-readers instead. That is about as clear a point as I've come to.


  1. fair point... this has been my hesitation in adding the button. read more yes.. but only books on paper.. ummm.

  2. I want to too and want to read more books from the library. Yet, it shall be slow progress for me. One day!


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