Friday, 26 February 2010

Bits & Pieces

So this week has been quite productive wedding wise.

Band – We have booked the band that my friend had at her wedding. Means we have heard them before and know that they can keep the dance floor full all night.

Photographer – After a long and painful argument we have finally settled on a photographer. O’s brother’s girlfriend’s Dad is going to photograph our wedding.

Invitations – we’ve received samples from here. Gaynor, I basically searched your invitation posts and looked through your suppliers so credit to you. A colleague at work showed me her son’s wedding invitations and they are basically exactly what we want so we are waiting on supplier recommendations from them.

Kilt – O has ordered his kilt we just need to find the rest of the outfit – jacket, waistcoat, brogues etc.

Hen Do – invitations have gone out and we’re narrowing down activity options. My hen do will be a very relaxed affair, I don’t drink very much so it won’t be a wild party.

Florist – I’m in touch with a florist and we are arranging to meet up.

Dress – I’ve booked my first dress fitting. Yes it is very early, my dress hasn’t even arrived yet but I was warned that the seamstress gets very busy so best to at least get an appointment in the book.

Bridesmaid dresses - #2 went and got more silk choices and I’ve decided to go with a darker blue instead of the silk that was bought in India. Hopefully we’ll be able to sell on the other silk.

Ushers – my nephew is our only non-Scottish groomsman and as a 13 year old English boy he won’t be wearing a kilt (or skirt as he likes to call them). My parents were babysitting last week and have bought him a suit for the wedding. We just need to hope he doesn’t grow too much now.

Tomorrow I’m going to try on my dress again so I can start working on
underwear and jewellery.

Feel like we have achieved a lot this week and got some big things ticked off the list.

So ladies tell me what I've forgotten or should be doing next.


  1. The only things that pop out at me is make up/hair and cake. Other than that you seem to have everything under control!

  2. blimey you have been busy! Like it! It's so nice when everything starts to come together..! jealous about the dress trying on.. I don't know whether to go back. I don't like the act it's all ordered and done.. yet I have to wait months.. couldn't sleep the other night as I had the fear it wasn't going to fit! not sure I like the suspense!
    are you playing the favor game..? I don't know what to do.. I kind of think the wedding costing enough without giving stuff away! I'm pleased it's all starting to come together for you though..

    woop woop.. bring on the wedding!

  3. oooh you are getting organised, come and sort m out now? please?
    Glad you found more silk, if you're happy with it its probably better than trying to dye a large amount.
    I took photos of my loom for you, and the room looked so appalling that I can't possibly post them onto the world wide web, plus its not set up for weaving so you'll just have to wait and stop being a bossy boots. :P
    have a lovely weekend
    p.s. your hen do sounds like my idea of heacen, i don't drink much either.

  4. Yay for ticking things off the list!

  5. Busy, busy busy!

    Glad you found the invite info helfull too.

    How did you get on with your dress? Im going for my second fitting today!


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