Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Wedding Traditions I

Quite a while ago I posted about wedding traditions having seen the lovely card box that Stacy posted about (have you seen her dress – wow). Hopefully I’ll get round to posting some more traditions but for now let’s stick with the bagpipes.

It is traditional to have a bagpiper at a Scottish wedding. Yes it is a very loud often screechy noise to have indoors but it is an evocative sound. 

I will be piped down the aisle and we will be piped back up the aisle as husband and wife (eek). Guess what, O’s brother is a piper and he is going to pipe our wedding.

Yippee so that is piper and ceremony music ticked off the list.

(image from here)

Other news; #2 went to India with her friend the dress maker last week (they work together and were on a business trip - handy). They bought silk for the bridesmaid dresses so that can all get underway. #2 is going to send me samples for my approval, however as it was a third of the cost of silk in the UK and non-returnable I think it'll be just fine. They have bought extra for waistcoats and ties for the boys.


  1. Can't wait to see the material and the dresses!

  2. Oh I am so jealous.. I have always dreamed of going to india to get wedding fabrics! Hey ho with the cost of these weddings I think that's something that is NOT going to happen... hey ho. Must pick better connected, india travelling bridesmaids next time! Can't wait to see all!

  3. Sounds good, we aren't having a piper at the ceremony but are hoping to have one at the receptin venue. Handy to know someone who pipes tho!

    Looking forward to seeing the dress material too.

  4. All your references to Scottish traditions make me miss Scotland so much! I can't wait to bring J for a visit with my family (Mom's side) and finally introduce him to the beauty of bagpipes (and the beauty of everything else, of course.)

  5. india fabrics & bagpipes. lovely.

  6. Booyah for such handy ladies! It most definitely takes a Scot to wax lyrical about the pipes!


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