Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Lottery Houses I

(images all from here via here)

I've said before that I like to shop for houses we can't afford. O would luuuurrve to have a house with a swimming pool.


  1. Oh we have done this before. Lying in bed and dreaming we have won £80million!

  2. Are those 3 different houses or is that the same place?! My OH always talks about buying a house that's in a street near us if we won the lottery... which I always think is crazy... as surely you'd want somewhere new/different if you're that rich? Guess we'll just have to cross that bridge when we come to it ;)

    On the pool front, I used to live in a place in the States that had a pool in the building... it was pretty fab it has to be said!

  3. They are all the same house - strange that they don't seem to go together do they? Perhaps it is just the pictures I chose. We are in a four in a block flat and I dream about buying the other 3 flats and creating a giant house! still wouldn't fit a swimming pool so we might need to look further a field - oh and start buying lottery tickets.


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