Thursday, 4 February 2010

Oh crap

#2 sent samples of the silk she bought in India. They're not the colours I want.

The dark blue is more of a bright royal blue instead of the dark ink/midnight blue I wanted and the pale blue is quite silvery.

What am I going to do?
I hope I'm going to get over myself and get on with it.
Don't really have the money to buy more silk in the UK and don't have anyone heading back to India to buy more silk before the wedding.
#1 and #2 are meeting up at the weekend so #1 can see the silk.


  1. Oh no... I don't know what the effect of dying silk is like.. but thats an option.. you can do some tests with a few swatches... I'll ask my friend and see if she can help.

    don't dispair.. if there's a will theres a way x

  2. I think those colours sound beautiful! The only alternative I can think of is buying the "right" colour (ebay?) material, and then if it's better, selling on the wrong stuff (ebay!).

    Wait til you see it. Seriously though the colours sound gorgeous.

  3. Oh balls... can't think of anything more useful to say than that. I know this would bug me silly. Hopefully the samples were representative of the whole thing?? She said rather hopefully... Fingers crossed!

  4. Crap monkeys. Ok, wait until you see the material then we shall rally together to figure out the solution.

    Maybe dyeing might work?

  5. Apparently Dylon Dye is very successful on pure silk.. but obviously do a sample.

  6. That is rubbish! I too would be annoyed if it wasnt the colour I wanted!

    I agree that you should def wait and see them properly or see what #1 thinks as they may look way better together when you see them larger? maybe?

  7. My sister-in-law is a designer who knows her fabrics. If they are the wrong colour when the whole lot arrives, we can ask her advice if you like?

    Also, just because they are not the colour you thought they'd be doesn't necessarily mean that you will hate the colour once they are made into dresses and being worn. Colours look v different when on someone rather than just in a sample.

    And yes, selling the fabric is also a solution.


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