Monday, 22 February 2010

Sunday night

O comes out of the kitchen “Aw this one must be for you” he hands me a heart shaped potato.

Me: “Aw that is so cute! I must take a picture”

O “what do you want a picture for? It is only a potato”

Me “its a heart shaped potato and I want to put it on my blog”

O “Hmph is your fiancé’s blog interfering with your life?” *stomp off*

Me “Oh I’m sorry darling, of course, I’m being silly lets make tea together” – Or that is what I should have said and wish I had said. What I actually did was smile at him, get out the camera and take pictures, while O continued to make our food.
(image by me)

Me thinks I might need to get my priorities sorted. I generally try to write blog posts on Monday/Friday nights when I have the house to myself and schedule posts for the week. However I do read and comment on blogs or on twitter most of the time – even sometimes at work (oops).I think my constant computer addiction might be wearing a little thin with O.

How do you maintain you blog/life balance?


  1. don't ask me.. My boy doesn't get it either.. Things turned especially sour when I took very expensive work camera home.. for maybe blog photo taking session (that never happened) and on monday morning when camera was needed had that horrid picture of it being in the corner of living room! divorce nearly transpired!

    hey ho.. heart potato is an excellent blog post.. x

  2. Luckily Mr. Milk has yet to become annoyed with my addiction and I think its mostly cause he's a tech geek himself! I do love the potato heart though! :)

  3. IB is still fairly tolerant, but I'm just starting out with my blog. I'm sure he'll have something to say if it interferes with cooking for him though! I also sneak on at work, but try very hard to keep it in moderation!

  4. ha, I get this too m'dear, I've just (slowly) learnt to read/blog when he's out!

  5. I don't think my Mr. has had too much trouble with it. It's been rough to balance it with school, but he's been pretty tolerant. The only thing he hates is when I blog right before bed because I end up keeping myself up thinking about wedding stuff. I don't think men will ever understand how thinking can keep a woman awake at night. They just don't seem to have that problem, haha.

  6. Yay for heart shaped potatoes. You need to get him blogging!!

  7. Ha ha sounds like the conversations we have sometimes! I just get strange looks when I say 'oh i must take a pic of that'.

    {but i will def be taking my camera to our food tasting tomorrow!}

  8. I blog at work - which is BAD for actual work doing. It's not the blogging that takes time - it's all the blog stalking and comment leaving. I don't know how everyone keeps up!

    Love the heart potato.

  9. Love the potato! As a general rule, the OH likes my blogging – but he does call time on it every now and then! He does the cooking in our house (he's a supremely good cook so there's no point me doing it!) and while he does that I blog. I'm such a little madam!

  10. Like MrsT, I blog at work. So BAD, but I need a break now and then and seeing as how my job requires me to sit in front of a computer and type, it works out.

    Love the potato!

  11. Blogging takes over your life. Fact.

    Sorry, that was a bit over dramatic! I do find myself thinking about blogging all the time though ... scheduling is a brilliant plan, and so is remembering that real people who are physically present in your life are important too!


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