Monday, 12 October 2009

Oh dear

I just had a sad moment - and by sad I mean pathetic......

I saw this at Once Wed. And very nearly went ooh. And very nearly clapped my hands together with glee.

Luckily the rational part of my brain stepped in. Yes it's a button hole, yes it's a DIY button hole, yes it's a DIY button hole using stuff that's in my garden (which is some mean feat considering how small my garden is). But it still does not deserve clapping my hands together in glee. One to add to the inspiration pile me thinks.

(image and instructions on how to make here)


  1. Hilarious! Go ahead an clap, jump up and down, do a little dance. Then return to sanity. (secret...i love this diy too, shhh)

  2. glee is always good. I think those are lovely, and they will smell beautiful! if it makes you happy, DO IT!
    p.s. if you want sad, I carry a strap from the bridesmaids dresses around with me so I can check colours while I'm out. makes you look normal doesnt it!

  3. Hahaha I so nearly blogged about this, I bookmarked it immediately when I saw it on once wed! Love it. And the bay, sage and rosemary seem to be about the only things in the garden I ain't killed... I was thinking that a wee bit of heather in there wouldn't go amiss. And I think it would smell fantastic!

  4. Lovely buttonholes.. I have an obsession with buttonholes, just blogged about them recently. These are lovely!


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