Friday, 2 October 2009

The Weekend

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The picture has nothing to do with my plans for the weekend I just like it! Also love asparagus and I'm always gutted that the season is so short. O says I'm not allowed to have asparagus from Peru it has to be British grown only!

Anyway this weekend. We're going to my parents house to catch up with them. Most excitingly we will be visiting a jeweller to talk about making my engagement ring (seriously have been engaged for 2 months and not got a ring, need to be more organised).

My Mum is also threatening to take me to a wedding fayre which I'm trying to resist without throwing a temper tantrum. O is quite keen on going as he hopes there will be free cake. I on the other hand would rather take an ice bath! Are wedding fayres really as bad as I think they will be?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, thank you for your comments and welcome to any new readers.

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