Tuesday, 6 October 2009

What are you thinking about?

This was inspired by this post from Naturally Nina’s amazing blog.

I often ask O “What are you thinking about?” usually after he has made a noise or smiled or sighed. I usually ask when I’m thinking I love you or I’m happy or when are we going to get married or what will our future be like. See it’s like a test to see if he is thinking the same as me. But O is an honest boy and he is never thinking the same as me (usually that is a good thing), and I’ve yet to train him to give me the answer I’m looking for. Even after 6 ½ years he won’t just say “I’m thinking about how happy we are” or some other such soppy lie. No he is always thinking about his silly sport (still not going to tell you what it is) or work or something on the TV. Then he asks me what I’m thinking about and I feel silly saying what I’m really thinking about so I make something up (see I’m ok with the little white lies).

Why do boys never seem to be thinking about their emotions, or why do they not tell you when they are?

What are you thinking about?

(photo from BBC Scotland)

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