Thursday, 1 October 2009

I told O about the blog

So I'm rubbish at keeping secrets. O and I share a computer (he has his own laptop but mine is better). I can't do furtive blog posting, and I really should stop posting at work.

So last night before we went to sleep (I like having awkward conversations in the dark). I told him that I had something to tell him that I didn't want to tell him (way to open a conversation with a loved one eh?). He knows that I have a current obsession with blogs so I told him I'd taken the obsession a step further and started to write my own. He laughed. He was extremely curious and wanted to know what I'd written about and what details I've given away. He said it was OK for me to keep writing if it made me happy.

I asked O not to tell anyone about my blog. I don't want his friends reading about my feelings, hell I don't want my friends to read about my feelings. Random web friends now that is OK (still struggling with that) but you give me such lovely encouragement.

I promised never to air our dirty laundry in public and if he wants to read the blog to send him the link. O however likes a challenge and he thinks he'll be able to find the blog through google. I'm off to try and find the blog through google with the information I've given him.

He says he loves me (that's all I really care about).

apologies for the bracket ad libs inner dialogue demons again


  1. (brackets are brilliant, best invention ever)

    I did this a few weeks ago. James isn't remotely interested in it, him being a sort of anti internet person, mainly because of how long I tend to spend on it I think!its sort of refreshng though to know that they know isn't it. well, i think it is anyway! :)

  2. Hey Rebecca, part of me wonders why I didn't tell him earlier, and then part of me still wishes I hadn't told him. He found the blog of course - because I didn't delete my internet history (doh!).


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