Saturday, 10 October 2009

This weekend I will be mainly watching......

CRAP!!! (But I love it)
O and I have a magic box that records the TV for us. Well I say it's our box but it's usually full of my crap which he can't bring himself to watch. I've got lots stored up specially for a weekend alone.
Bridezillas - watched this for the first time and was terrified. Oh my god, are these women for real?
Peter Andre: The next chapter - I'm more in the Peter camp than Katie but I'm just nosey all round.
The Closer: Love you Brenda
CSI Miami -  come on Caleigh and Delko get it together
Law & Order Criminal Intent: Oh poor Goren 
Strictly Come Dancing: Interesting pose Jade?!
X Factor: What was Dani doing to Danyl? Outting him in front of the nation - awkward.
Am I the only one this sad - I think so!


  1. No I also watch lots of crap!

    Isn't Bridezillas hilarious, cant believe them sometimes!

    Im currently watching the X Factor results!

  2. You should start watching Glee, it is rocking my world right now! It's on Wednesdays nights at 8 central time.


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