Thursday, 4 March 2010

7 year stint

This day 7 years ago a shy girl and a very shy boy went shopping for records – yes it was only 7 years ago, O had found an old record player and wanted something to play on it. I can’t actually remember whether we bought any records. I do remember he bought me sandwich for my lunch which we went back to his student room to eat. In that freezing cold room a shy girl and a very shy boy shared their first kiss.

7 years later I’m in London on a course for work – boo.


  1. Happy 7 years!

    Ours is coming up in June but we will also be married by then and have a new anniversary date!

  2. Oh many many congratulations!

    P.S. If you are here for more than today maybe we could meet for a drink?

  3. Happy 7 Years... I'm pleased you've got the 7 year itch to!

    heres to 2003 being students... and to 2010 and being brides.

    x x x

  4. What a cute story, congratulations!

  5. happy 7! Sweetly told story.
    We'll also be seven years come May. Isn't it funny how many of us are getting married after seven years together?


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