Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Mother’s Day

I feel about Mother’s Day a little bit like how I feel about Valentine’s Day. I love my Mum every single day and tell her how much I appreciate her unconditional love and support as often as possible. I do not need a specific calendar date to remind me of these things.

This year my parents are in South Africa ski-ing (spending kids inheritance) and #2 who is clearly the most thoughtful sister has arranged for the hotel to present her with a cake wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day. I thought I was being quite organised getting a card to her before they jetted off.

So away and appreciate your Mums.

(image from here)


  1. Mothers day is in May in Oz. Weird.

    Cute post.

  2. I agree completely, I hate being made to express love for my Mum on one particular day.

    However, my Brother LOST our Mum's gift and didn't replace it, so I'm feeling a bit guilty and wish I'd made the effort to visit.

  3. "Spending inheritance" ha! Mine are off to Mexico today. Agreed.


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