Sunday, 28 March 2010

Lottery Shoes

Moving on from lottery houses

I first learnt about Emmy Shoes from this post on Love My Dress. Now if I could just win the lottery I'd have them all. Beautiful but with the cheapest pair being £260 I can't fit it into the budget. :(
The hunt for wedding shoes continues......


  1. Wedding shoes search is difficult. Go with flats. I also wore mine a couple of times to break them in...

  2. Emmy shoes are gorgeous arent they!

    I considered them for a whilte before i spent a fortune on everything else and decided they wouldnt really be seen and I would only wear them 1 day!

  3. That second pair are SOOO pretty. We shouldn't look at them.

  4. THE SECOND PAIR THE SECOND PAIR THE SECOND PAIR. (I'm being the devil on your shoulder)
    lovely bridesmaid and I are going through to newcastle this week on the hunt for shoes. not that newcastle is a well known mecca for shoes (ha I typed hoes by accident), just that is easy to get to. in other news, the ring shopping ws not a seminal experience, the search continues.

  5. Oh I saw them and touched them on Sunday. I may have to make a trip to see Emmy. Please do not tell bean.


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