Thursday, 25 March 2010

Bear with a sore head

(image from here)

O has tooth ache so he is not a happy bunny.
(or any other animal related cliche you can come up with)

The problem for O, and therefore me, is that he won't take painkillers. In fact he has never taken painkillers. Not a paracetamol or aspirin EVER!

I on the other hand always have painkillers in my hand bag.
I think he is a bit weird but I've said that before.


  1. I'm with you! Bring on the Tylenol/Panadol!

  2. That must KILL with out pain killers. Poor O, and poor you having to put up with him! Ha.

  3. James wont unless its really bad, especially if its his back as he wants to know when he's putting it under too much strain. Men.

  4. What are men like? Does he think painkillers are for wimps or is there some other objection to them? Ill men are a nightmare.

  5. His parents don't take medicines either and he is quite proud of his claim. He is stubborn more than anything.

  6. Ouch! Can you not slip some into his tea or crush some into his dinner?? (Is it bad that I'm suggesting that??)

    My OH always leaves it too late to take stuff - it's just stubborness on his part too!

  7. Little bit late to the party but I'm sure I am almost a dentist. Drugs are good when you are in pain. If he's too macho, salt wash, dang that hurts!


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