Tuesday, 16 March 2010

I need to get a move on

At the moment I’m feeling very lazy.

Ever since I was told by the physio that there wasn’t anything which would improve my back I’ve done less and less. Even though I know that my back feels better when I do exercise and that to build the muscles in my back to give me any kind of hope of feeling better I need to keep moving.

Of course I’ve had excuses, first I had flu, then it was Christmas, then work got crazy busy and then I had a cold. Now I seem to spend most of my lunch hour attached to my computer looking for wedding ideas and contacting suppliers. The swimming pool I use closes for swimming lessons at 5pm so I have to go home after work and then go out again to swim in the evenings – and that just isn’t going to happen. Plus I spend my evenings doing more wedding stuff or watching the TV. Excuses, excuses, excuses.

I’d like to think that writing this post might be the motivation I need to start moving. I’d like to think the fact that I’ve put appointments in my work calendar for every lunch time will be encouraging. I’d like to think the thought of my lovely readers shouting at me for being lazy would motivate me. But come on if the thought that I might not be able to stand and dance for my entire wedding day doesn’t motivate me – although it does terrify me and make me want to weep – then what hope have I got? But I am determined to try my best and today I managed to drag myself away from all your lovely blog posts that I need to catch up on and swim so hopefully this is a new start…..

Why is it that doing the best for yourself is so difficult? Or do I just have so little will power?


  1. Well done on going for a swim, I guess you need to remind yourself that the blogs will still be there when the swimming pool is shut! Can't help with the willpower, maybe a motivated person will pop along and tell us all about it?

  2. The back situation sucks. I disagree with your physio though. You must keep up the core strengthening exercise. Let's motivate eachother on that. I also have days where walking is a chore and forget bending over to put socks on my feet, rolling over etc. Sucks.

  3. Usually because it's boring! ;) Chocolate, crisps, coke, couch all so much more fun than the gym... at the time. I really like when I'm 'in' to exercise as I'm so much less tired, more sparkly etc etc but it's the forcing yourself to get 'in' to it again that is dull... Maybe we should all do a pact and promise each other to have done one thing by next week?

  4. I think this is the time to start.. there seems to be a change in the air.. and when you face the certainty of warmer weather and less clothing it's amazing how motivation can suddenly increase. I agree with conversationpieces once your in that zone you do feel a lot better.. but I also think we expect to much and it's amazing how a little can help without denying yourself everything. but bad backs are rubbish and think the swimming is a great idea.. i can't wait for lighter evenings and those little bike rides we go on.. I have firmly come to the conclusion that being good over winter is just impossible...

  5. I am rubbish too. I need that motivation. Gym is good, gym is good!

  6. I think it's lacking motivation. I am so bad at it too.

  7. Wowzers, we're in the same situation! My physio always looks at me quizzically over her glasses when she asks me how the exercise is going - I look back sheepishly.
    Maybe we should shout motivational encouragement at each other across the bloggersphere!


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